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Fresh photos of Jennifer Lawrence from Elle magazine

In connection with the failure of the horror-drama Darren Aronofsky “mom!” in Hollywood many people are worried – and now a prominent producer Harvey Weinstein said a good word in defense of the film. And every time “lawyers “mom!” mention outstanding game actress Jennifer Lawrence. What is really there, the girl really is talented. Including the talent of J. Lo, I think, manifests itself in the fact that she is no one cause of negativity. Everyone loves Jennifer!

In addition to “mom!” in her filmography is the number of big movie awards and cash greatest hits, it is unlikely that the success or non-success of the film Aronofsky any serious impact on the fees and the reputation of the actress. I have no doubt that Lawrence we will see on the first cast, as the nominees for a particular award, on the covers of glossy magazines.

Here, for example, fresh. Jennifer appeared in the next issue of the magazine “Elle”. Nothing particularly risque girl in this photo shoot does not allow, but the eye is pleased, isn’t it?

Well, since Jennifer does not happen much, here as a nice bonus another recent photoshoot actress:

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