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“Form of water” Guillermo del Toro will be released on paper

The film “water” has already received recognition from the world press, the main award of the Venice film festival. In wide release, the picture has not yet emerged, but it was known that it would be released the novelization. The novel “Form of water” otzerkalivat the events of the film and continue their development. It will be coauthored the work of Guillermo del Toro and writer Daniel Krauswho is listed as Executive producer of the film.

According to the Director, and this was his plan in the beginning of the filming:

This story, which I thought for the first time when I was six years old, and I saw Julie Adams in “creature from the Black lagoon”. I always hoped that she and Being in the finals together, but that didn’t happen. And here we had Breakfast with my partner in “the Orgy” by Daniel Kraus, and he told me about his version of these ideas, and I immediately realized that we will reveal this story in film and in book form.

Kraus echoes:

“Form of water” is the oldest of my ideas, I cherished her in my head since I was fifteen. But the story was not complete, until I met Guillermo. After a few seconds after I told my story, he began to fill in the gaps of the narrative. I like working with Guillermo because he is the most genuine and emotionally uninhibited artist that I know, and these qualities complement my more gloomy tendencies.

A major international publishing house Macmillan Publishing Group, one of the oldest in the world, will release this book in the original language February 27, 2018 under the imprint Feiwel and Friends, which leaves children’s and youth literature. Does this mean that the novel is softer than the film? We don’t know. “Form of water”, we recall, has an age rating of R, and the September trailer with the blood and the Mat is confirmed. However, wipe your drool, it is primarily the tale, and then a bit of tin:

This is a story about the relationship of humanoid amphibians and mute girl named Eliza on the background of confrontation between the USA and the USSR during the Cold war, around 1962. In a secret government lab lonely Elise is forced to spend his days in silence and isolation from the rest of the world. But everything changes when, together with his colleague Zelda, she reveals details of a top secret experiment…

Cinematic “Form of water” will be released in Russian cinemas on 18 January 2018.

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