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For the Ukrainian motorists can enter a new fee

Для украинских автомобилистов могут ввести новый штрафIn the Parliament came up with a new reason to penalize drivers.

Ukrainian drivers want to oblige to have another document – the medical certificate about state of health.

The bill came to the Parliament from one of the authors — people’s Deputy Oleg Musiya. According to him, drivers are to retirement age have to renew the medical certificate every 10 years, and pensioners and those who are carrying people or cargo, annually.

The number of doctors planning to expand — add the the psychiatrist, psychiatrist, gynaecologist for women. You also need to do a cardiogram tests, including blood sugar, group and RH, to check vision and the vestibular apparatus.

If the car owner will not be medical help on condition, fined 850 UAH. For a fake document on the state of health — 510 UAH.

At the same time, in expert circles up Muse consider a step back to corruption.

“Medspravki to anything good will not. In 2009 we cancelled medical examinations at all. The certificate was through corruption. Regular check-UPS make no sense. With our level of corruption, to by a medical certificate will not be difficult. A person can go to any medical center, which is on the Internet. There will pay money and may not even pass inspection, and just get ready a piece of paper. This is the same as a drunk driver gets behind the wheel — do not fasten to each nurse to examine him. This is nonsense. People have to be conscious. Need to understand if she has health problems, it is not necessary to drive, so it will become suicidal and harm others, ” — said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association avtoimporterov and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

According to him, the medical certificate will not help to reduce the number of accidents due to health problems.

“If the driver has a bad condition — this one will never know. For example, died when the musician Andrey Kuzmenko, no one knows why he left on the counter: either he fell asleep or became ill. As with other. In the case of a fatal accident even the medical examination will not say that this man had health problems “, — said the expert.

As an alternative Nazarenko proposes to apply to the practice of Japan and Germany.

“We need to introduce a medical examination of the violators, as is done in Japan and Germany. If the person does not have any violations, so he has a normal health condition. Otherwise, if one breaks, it tested for the condition. The driver examines the Commission”.

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