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Flat Earth: experiments and evidence

Already in the early grades of public schools in the textbooks of natural history write that the Earth is flat, and the children grow up, not thinking that the government puts in their heads. But I think people can get to the truth, examining sometimes seemingly unrelated facts or even putting their own experiments.

Dark matter

Last summer I had the opportunity to see a lunar Eclipse. All of you have seen this picture from the textbook of natural history:

I’m ready to enjoy the spectacle, but the reality was quite different, appearing the shadow was curved, as if the Earth was a ball!

This discovery deprived me of rest — really all of us all this time, deceived, and the Earth really a ball? It was necessary to explore this issue further. Where and how we can see the shadow of the Earth? Most interesting is the time of sunset and sunrise. From the textbooks we know that the Sun is shining on a flat Earth as light with reflector, direction. Otherwise, the entire disk was at the same time of the day or night, and now, with the proliferation of means of communication, you can call or write a friend a few thousand kilometers, and to know it, the Sun was already down or, on the contrary, risen.

So, the border of night and day has a slope and on flat Ground high object in the opposite direction from the Sun after sunset will be in the shade.

And on a spherical Earth, on the contrary, the skyscrapers or the mountains are lit by the Sun after sunset or before dawn.

And not only do I personally watched the lighted high-rises just after sunset, but, judging by the photos of other people is ubiquitous. It turns out that the Earth is everywhere the ball!


Source, there also is a full size

And that’s not all cases where the Earth’s shadow can be observed directly. Clouds above the buildings, and they also illuminated after sunset or before dawn.


Climb even higher. The so-called “launches” can give an amazing optical effect, but only if it occurs shortly after sunset or before sunrise (the most interesting with 2:21).

And finally, if we go to one of the sites of the sect Sharovarov, which predicts the position of the bright dots moving across our sky, then the case when the point goes out before reaching the horizon, can only be explained by the entrance into the Earth’s shadow.

And finally, on flat Ground at sunset, the Sun should decrease as it moves away from us, and at dawn on the increase. Alas, neither personal observation nor many other people’s photographs do not confirm this. But on a spherical Earth, the Sun is just change the size not be.


Distance and displacement

Amazing surprises await us in the travels. Celestial sphere above the flat Earth should show the same picture regardless of the movement of North/South, but for some reason when moving to the South in the southern part of the sky become visible, and on the opposite side of the polar star, on the contrary, all below, inclined to the horizon. Just moved 12° to the South from Ufa to Sochi, I saw that the planets were significantly higher in the southern sky lit by unfamiliar stars. Even more amazing pictures will be seen if we look at the pictures of the night sky in different parts of the Earth, taken with a long shutter speed so that the rotation of the firmament became noticeable.

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In the Northern hemisphere we are seeing are distinguishable axis of rotation. For example, Sweden.


On flat Ground, the axle would have been visible from the equator, but this is not happening. Here is a photo from Ecuador.


And in Australia seen second pole, which is impossible to monitor on a flat Earth, but spherical just has to be there. This photo was taken on lake of Eppalock, just North of Melbourne.


Observations from different points located on the line East/West, also give interesting results. Easy to install, the Sun rises over different cities at different times. And with the help of acquaintances and/or web cameras can measure the time of sunrise or sunset with pretty good accuracy. But this should be done in the area of the vernal or autumnal equinox, to the border of day and night do not deviate significantly from the direction North-South. I have a database for Ufa-Moscow turned out to 73 minutes. The distance between the cities in the area of 1100 km directly (on the road in the area of 1300 km, but it is not perfectly straight). Thus we find that the line terminator (the border of day and night) is about 15 km per minute. Multiplying by 60 minutes per hour and 24 hours in a day, get 21700 km — the circumference of the Earth at latitude 55°. From here we can know the length of the equator, dividing the number by the cosine of 55 degrees. 21700/0,573=37800 km, which, given the low accuracy of our measurements is almost identical with 40,000 discussed in sect Sharovarov.

To the naked eye

The truth of a flat Earth are quite elusive if you have a telescope. Governments, led by mysterious forces, can tell us that flying in the sky the demons or reptilians in chariots (like a motorcycle on a vertical wall in a circus), but when the so-called “ISS” appears in the sky on schedule site of the sect Staroverov, in a telescope you can see the “solar panel”, the words from the textbooks that there is no space, I can not believe. I have personally seen these panels, but had brought a telescope with your hand and make a photo was not possible. But there are people who manage to take a picture, and match what they say sharovary. Official science tells us that rockets fall back to earth, but it is impossible to believe when launched “cargo ship” visible in the sky.

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Another source of doubt, it is Venus. Because if the Sun is closer than the celestial sphere, then Venus should be visible as a circle. But in a telescope it perfectly visible phase, and coincident with what is written by sharovary — when they say that the distance to the planet is smaller than the Sun, Venus is visible as a large hammer. And when the margin-Sarovar suggests that Venus is close to the opposite of point “orbit”, it is visible as a small but almost full circle.


Not a single light

The fact that the Earth is not flat, it is noticeable not only in the visible light range. First of all, there is such a thing as “satellite TV”. If the Earth was the stationary center of the Universe, no “geostationary orbit” could not be in principle. But somehow on the houses are “satellite dish” towards the South, which should be impossible companions. And if in Russia the antenna does not look very high above the horizon, with decreasing latitude they ride up higher and higher. Near the equator they are directed vertically, and the usual travel bloggers unwittingly given the existence of “geostationary satellites”

Photos from Indonesia

Ground based photographers manage to capture objects that are clearly not on the dome of the celestial sphere, because moving with different speeds than the stars.


If the Earth was flat, the “transponders” would not be. VHF transmitter on a high tower could broadcast great distances, and transfer of conventional Ostankino would be seen not only on the territory of Russia at least up to the Urals, but also in the USA (over the pole). The aircraft would have been visible on radar for the entire length of the drive without difficulties with “over-the-horizon radar”, and there would be no stories with missing over ocean passenger liners.

Sailboat accuses

Even the history of shipbuilding contains a proof of the sphericity of the Earth. The most famous tea clippers of the 19th century tried to go the shortest route, which made sense only in the case of the sphericity of the Earth. Movement near the Antarctic wall is the longest route on the drive, and the clippers did not deviate in the direction of India, as it would make sense for a flat Earth.

The route of the clipper “Ariel”, 1866

In General, if the Earth was flat, sailing ships would not have needed to cut the risk of movement in the “roaring forties” of the southern hemisphere.


Truth gives a holistic picture of the world and breaks even in unexpected places. Personal observations, specially put experiments, the experience of others, even seemingly not related directly to the historical facts allow to come to a definite conclusion about the sphericity of the Earth.

PS Material is a specially prepared on the first of April, I hope that readers will forgive the irony in the inversion of conspiracy theories 🙂

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