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Experts suggested how to safely make purchases in online stores

Эксперты подсказали, как безопасно совершать покупки в интернет-магазинахOnline shopping has lots of advantages, just like disadvantages.

First and foremost, experts remind everyone who he wants without fear for their money to buy any goods via the Internet, remember that a good online shop or a private seller is different from other a spotless reputation. Quite simply, if you recommend not strangers home appliances, for example in, then you can safely order and not be afraid. But reviews on the pages of online stores believe it is possible not always, especially if they are overly sugary-positive. In any case, such information should be rechecked.

The experts have shared tips that will help you to make secure purchases over the Internet: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. To examine all proposals. Internet shops very much, therefore, the main task for the buyer is monitoring, which will allow you to make a choice in favor of the seller with the lowest price for the goods. Stay for 2-5 stores, take the time to read reviews, see products and descriptions to them. This is necessary in order to distinguish a fake online store from the present. The fact is that the fraudsters do not bother much to entice the buyer with a product description, or beautiful photos, they only reduce the price tag and buyers they tmuschaya darkness. By the way, low cost is the most common and sure sign that the online store runs a swindler.

2. Leave your request or complete your order. This procedure requires no investment, but people will be able to evaluate how interested the seller is to sell a particular product. Not long back, can’t determine the availability of the product, but just offer to pay? With this online store you along the way.

3. Formally meet with the owner of the Internet shop via the Internet. For this you will need to look at the registration certificate of a private entrepreneur, though. Usually, such documents lay out on one of the pages of the website or provide on request. If you don’t have such document, you should not continue communication with this seller, because in this case the chance to get to the scammer increases.

4. Please check the measurements. In order to understand what size the product that you want to order, you need to ask the seller to measure it and, preferably, to share with you a photo confirmation.

5. Feel free to request photos of the product in real-time. This is especially true of the color of clothing, shoes, toys, accessories and other products. You can send what you ordered. To refuse, of course, you can, but you risk to pinch their nerves and spend too much time on “dispute” with the seller.

By the way, not superfluous will be to maintain your correspondence with the consultant online store, if it was the place to be. Also, you should make screenshots of the payment of a product and the card of the order, in the event of fraudulent actions by unscrupulous seller could contact the appropriate authorities.

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