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Experts predict a rapid growth of prices on laptops

Эксперты предрекают стремительный рост цен на ноутбукиIn early autumn the prices of laptops may grow by 30%.

Rising prices for raw materials and growing demand for electric cars and smartphones for the ongoing growth of the prices on batteries for laptops. In September is expected to jump by 10-20%.

Looped deficit

According to Taiwanese online business portal The DigiTimes referring to own sources in the supply chain, in September, it is expected a sharp rise in the price of laptop batteries, and, as a consequence, the growth of prices of the portable PC.

Among the main reasons of growth of prices for battery sources, first of all, point out the rising costs of components and raw materials for the production of lithium-ion batteries.

High pressure on prices also has a growing demand for batteries from the automotive industry, gradually increasing the production of electric vehicles, as well as by manufacturers of smartphones, where demand growth is observed permanently is not the first year in a row.
Would not be cheaper

The industrial sources of DigiTimes say that the price of the underlying lithium-ion cells of size 18650 batteries for laptops, and have grown considerably over the first half of the year 2017, in September, could rise further by 10-20%. With lithium-polymer rechargeable cells, the situation is even more tense, as the price recently has jumped by 20%.

If previously in the environment of notebook manufacturers optimistic forecasts on the subject of the recovery of the market during 2017, now this optimism has declined somewhat, and the main reason is higher prices for components.
So, for example, recently the President Compal Electronics ray Chen (Ray Chen) noted that the effect of price stabilization on the market of wholesale supply of display modules observed in July-August, fully offset by the surge in demand for solid state drives (SSD), the lack of which automatically triggered a new round of price increases.

Manufacturers of laptop batteries for its part trying to satisfy the peak demand by increased production. For example, Taiwan Simplo Technology in its financial report for the first half of 2017 announced the availability in its warehouses of finished products at the end of June in the amount of $305,32 million, almost twice the reserves of the company a year earlier. In Simplo claim that the company deliberately established a reserve for its customers, because at present raw materials for the production of batteries is a “serious deficit”.
The causes of rising prices and prospects

One of the main reasons for the lack of production materials for lithium batteries sources of The DigiTimes referred to a tightening of the rules on the extraction of cobalt, introduced by the Chinese authorities. For this reason, the price of cobalt soared twice in the fourth quarter of 2016 and in February 2017.

Prices for lithium with the end of 2016, has already managed to jump by 60%, but here the main reason, according to sources, is the snowballing demand from the automotive industry. According to the forecasts, as noted in The DigiTimes, global production of electric vehicles will be about 2 million in 2017 and will reach from 9 to 20 million by 2020

Thus, stress in The Users, the consumers, lithium is unlikely to expect changes in the price vector in the next three years. As a result, prices for batteries are likely to grow.

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