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Experts predict a new rise in price of products in time for Christmas

Эксперты прогнозируют новое подорожание продуктов к Рождеству It is expected a new wave of increase in food prices.

Prices in Ukraine are breaking records: for the half year food products were worth almost the same as in EU countries. The salary in our state is 4-5 times less than in neighboring countries. Why so rapidly increased prices and cheaper products.

With the beginning of the year prices for various products have risen more than 16 percent. Among other European countries, we have become real leaders, although it is unlikely that championship, which I want to be proud of. Due to the low wage level and the cost of basic food products in Ukraine is almost not different from overseas.

Thus, the poles with a salary 4 times higher than our buy vegetables of borsch set at the same price as we are: tomatoes, for example, there is even twice cheaper. We catch up with them and at a cost meat products. More expensive in Ukraine even sell cereals, which we ourselves and grow.

In General, admitted the Ukrainians who work or study in Poland, on food they spend less than a third of the earned. On average, a thousand zlotys a month. To the European level of prices in Ukraine jumped in less than a year and a half.

According to economists, this is a real shock. The Association of farmers and landowners explained that fruits and vegetables rose because of poor harvest, and meat and milk due to the reduction of livestock and the abolition of state subsidies.

In addition, to promotion prices led the increase in the minimum wage level, higher prices of energy resources and high inflation. And yet – the artificial scarcity of goods.

To rein in prices will be possible only after the New year, economists say. Producers and traders will have moderate appetites due to the lower purchasing power of Ukrainians and increased competition on the European market. Meanwhile, according to experts, the Christmas holidays, another 10-15% can grow vegetables of borsch and meat and dairy products.

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