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Experts managed to capture the ephemeral lake

Специалистам удалось зафиксировать эфемерное озероSatellites showed the unique desert oasis

Ephemeral lakes such as lake Mackay, on the border of Western Australia and the Northern territory – so named because they come and go, and exist only as water after a rain.

The satellite managed to capture one of these desert oases. According to experts, the lake Mackay or at Wilkinkarra to the local Pitjantjatjara language, is the fourth largest lake in Australia.

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When the lake after rains filled with water, its total surface area is nearly 3,500 square kilometers. After significant precipitation, the lake is filled with modestly – only a few meters deep. Salinity and soil moisture provide a bluish tint, which is decorated with marble of vegetation and algae and brown desert interrupted by sand hills.

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Lake Mackay is surrounded by the great Sandy desert, the second largest desert of Australia, which is visible in the lower right corner of the image. This satellite photograph is one of the first to be released from the satellite Copernicus Sentinel-2B of the European space Agency, which was launched in March 2017.

Специалистам удалось зафиксировать эфемерное озеро

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