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Experts have predicted the future of the system of facial recognition

Эксперты спрогнозировали будущее системы распознавания лицAccording to experts, by 2020, all gadgets will be to support the unusual function.

The facial recognition system, which is criticized for the new iPhone X, in the coming years will become a standard feature for smartphones, tablets and all portable devices.

Premiere X iPhone last week made a lot of noise, but the most discussed feature of the new smartphone became the Face ID facial recognition to unlock your phone. Many are concerned about the violation of this technology the right to privacy, including representatives of the Subcommittee of the Senate privacy, technology and law, who asked how Apple is going to protect from hacking “fingerprints of persons” of users.

Some people the idea that your phone knows what you look like, it seems creepy. But maybe we get used to it. In the forecast, Acuity Market Intelligence says that by 2019, all smartphones will be embedded in these or other biometric technologies.

According to the Statista portal, biometrics and, above all, facial recognition technology will be 100% all gadgets by 2020. This proves that Apple is still a step ahead of the competition.

Artificial intelligence systems go far beyond simple face recognition smartphone users. Algorithms based on the analysis of multiple photographs learn to recognize human emotions and even determine your IQ and political views.

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