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Experts explained why people don’t like “smart” house

Специалисты объяснили, почему люди не любят «умные» домаSmart homes remain the choice of enthusiasts

Analytical company Gartner has researched the market for “connected solutions”, smart house systems, to find out how to develop this area. Progress some there, but the interest in such technologies, the vast majority of consumers does not show.

Experts Gartner conducted a survey, which was attended by 10,000 people from around the world. Smart home technology is really being used, but according to the prepared statistics, are present only in every tenth household.

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All this relates to the devices and services that have become part of homes and is able to work automatically without user intervention. These devices are linked wired or wireless network and can be managed remotely using a browser or mobile application.

Among all the other “connected solutions” the biggest demand of the security system, and manufacturers are focused on them. Most often, according to Gartner, they are installed in the United States, but interest in them is manifest and the inhabitants of many countries of Europe and Australians.

According to 75% respondents, they are quite satisfied with the fully manual control of all the equipment available in their house or apartment, whether it’s appliances, lights or heating. Only 25% of respondents are interested in automating their homes with Internet-connected electronics. 58% of respondents said that it is not against automation, but only if the system is closed, without the possibility of outside access.

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