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Every fourth Ukrainian bribes, – opinion poll

Каждый четвертый украинец дает взятки, - соцопросPeople believe that corruption is the biggest problem.

According to the results of sociological research, it was found that the majority of Ukrainians believe that corruption is one of the main problems in the country, but at the same time, a quarter of respondents confessed that for the last year and gave bribes.

“Only 44% of Ukrainians believe that corruption is the most serious problem” – this was at the presentation of the results, said Iryna Bekeshkina, the Director of Fund “Democratic initiatives”.

However, only 41% of respondents rated the bribe as an unacceptable phenomenon, and 35% said that even though it is bad, but in some cases justified. 9% and does not believe that this is a normal way to quickly and effectively solve problems. 25% of Ukrainians admitted that gave bribes over the last year.

“People give bribes for some services and I understand that it is evil, but an evil that is necessary, because it’s easier or faster to solve a question. But if such attitudes prevail in society, we did nothing with the corruption at the top will not do, because the people upstairs are fully shared national philosophy,” said Bekeshkina.

It is also noted that most often give bribes in medical institutions, admitted 41% of respondents. Leave money, as a rule, for consultation and operations.

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