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“Divide Europe”: Poroshenko named the main goal of the Kremlin

"Разделить Европу": Порошенко назвал главную цель Кремля According to Poroshenko, Russia will do everything possible “to push the EU off a cliff”.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said during a speech at the Congress of European people’s Party, the Future of Europe, that Russia will make every effort to destabilize the European Union, and the next ten years will be crucial for the EU and for Ukraine.

“Opponents of Europe will not rest. Anti-European forces still standing. Russia will do everything possible to push the EU off a cliff. The Kremlin never abandoned the attempt to build “alternative” Europe. For this to happen, they will spread uncertainty and distrust in our societies,” said the Ukrainian leader and added that Russia professes main and key principle: divide and conquer.

“The Kremlin’s goal is to divide Europe and blur values. While this purpose exists, the idea of mutual strengthening of the EU and Russia is illusory. You cannot become strong with someone who thinks the criterion of “all or nothing”. The Kremlin has only one rule: Russia should be on top,” − said Poroshenko.

The Ukrainian President urged the EU not to be afraid and said that it’s time for a more cohesive and strong Europe on the protection of common values without compromise in the face of Russian aggression, including the policy of sanctions.

“Let us not be guided by fear. But let’s not going to close my eyes. It is not a crisis of misunderstanding. It is a crisis of two opposing conceptions of Europe: freedom or tyranny. Only one of them will survive in the end,” − said Poroshenko.

He also stressed that Ukraine is on the edge of this struggle and “three years every day is this hybrid war against the Russian military, terrorists, propaganda, hackers, corruption and absolute deception.”

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