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Dispel the most popular myth about albert Einstein

Развеян самый популярный миф об Альберте ЭйнштейнеExperts who have studied matriculation albert Einstein dispelled the common myth that a physicist in his youth was a poor student.

The document says that the low rating (3 points) genius was only in French.

In the exact Sciences albert Einstein showed good knowledge – he got a perfect score on geometry, physics, trigonometry, history and algebra. Assessment in other subjects in physics were a bit more modest, but the 3-CA in the certificate is the only one – in French. Despite this assessment, Einstein freely gave a lecture during a trip to Jerusalem in 1923 in French. However, a physicist was not attested in English.

Despite good ratings, Einstein was not an exemplary student – the problems arose because of his freethinking. He didn’t like the authoritarian attitude towards the students and the rules of the gymnasium, reminiscent of the army, and his dislike of the teachers of the young genius did not hide. According to Einstein, he didn’t like mechanical cramming, and he was ready to endure any punishment in order not to teach “incoherent nonsense.”

Because of this behavior, the myth that Einstein was a poor student. A significant role in the formation of this mistaken judgment was played by one of the earliest biographers of physics who confused the German system of knowledge assessment with the Swiss.

Развеян самый популярный миф об Альберте Эйнштейне

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