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Discuss the article: Money for blood: how States are cashing in on the war in the Donbass

Military assistance to Ukraine was at the epicenter of the struggle for power in the United States. President Donald trump has suspended the financing of the Ukrainian army because of the assumptions that money is the US in the war in Donbass was the source of enormous corruption in the team of the former President Barack Obama. However, even the official data are sufficient to conclude that the conflict in the Donbass unleashed with his direct participation, let “uncle Sam” to earn big money and strengthen your military-industrial complex. Analytical portal RuBaltic.Ru counted as officially earned the Americans the blood of the Ukrainian civil war.


Об обсуждении статьи: Деньги на крови: как США наживаются на войне в Донбассе

After the publication of the transcript of the telephone conversation between Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian media has long figured out who is helping Ukraine more — the US or the EU? The White house was confident that his country does incomparably more for the Square, the Ukrainian President backed him 200%.

In Europe, disagreed. According to the special adviser to the President of the European Commission on relations with Ukraine Elmar Brok, the EU “gives ten times more than the Americans.” The experts have no opinions. First, because not all information necessary for comparison is publicly available. Second, because not all assistance can be measured in euros or dollars.

And what is meant by help? Cheap loans, which Ukraine receives from foreign financial institutions? The money will still have to return. “Helping” Ukraine, creditors themselves in the end remain in the black.

The comparison is complicated by the fact that the US and the EU focus on different areas. The EU last five years supported the “peaceful” reform of Ukraine allocating money to the fight against corruption, educational programs, environmental initiatives, etc. Washington, in turn, were noted in the field of strengthening the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU).

The allocation of financial assistance to the official Kiev is prescribed annually in the military budget of the United States.

For five years I have accumulated a substantial amount of money: $ 1.3 billion. Perhaps this was referring to Donald trump when he criticized his European colleagues in conversation with Zelensky: the European Union is doing too little to strengthen the defense of Ukraine. But who needs more scare of “Russian aggression” — overseas Washington or Berlin, to which Putin’s doorstep?

By the standards of the American defense budget spending in Ukraine is a mere penny, a fraction of a percent. But even Washington are partially returns back.


It is no secret that the United States regularly send to Ukraine their instructors. At the expense of American “humanitarian aid” to Kiev pays for these services. But NATO fighters are expensive — $ 500 per month they will not work.

Turns out American money paid to American soldiers who are using Ukraine as a training ground to hone their own professional skills.

The benefits in the end receive US. Then why is it called the aid to Ukraine?

The same courtesy funds, Kiev buys the products of the American military-industrial complex (MIC). One of the main Ukrainian “Peremoga” last year, getting man-portable anti-tank missile complexes “javelin”. Many Ukrainians must be did not understand that this system got their army is not free. The amount of the transaction amounted to $ 47 million.

According to official data, the contract on account of military assistance to Ukraine still paid the United States itself. But there is a version that coveted “Javelin” Poroshenko and the company paid indirectly by buying expensive American coal and least expensive American locomotives.

Then the story took a very bad turn. On the front line anti-tank systems and have not delivered. The solution is quite logical, considering that the last tank battles in the Donbass died down in early 2015.

But then why do I need to buy them? Just to support an American manufacturer? It is possible that this is the true purpose of the transaction. One of its lobbyists is a former special representative of the President of the United States Ukraine Kurt Volker — was listed as a member of the research centre “Institute for McCain” and represented the interests of the firm BGR Group, which by happy coincidence are associated with a manufacturer of “Javelin” (Raytheon Company).

In addition, after the transaction, Ukrainian experts had an Epiphany: it turns out that “javelin” is 14 times more expensive than domestic “Stugna”, developed by the design Bureau “Luch”. Technical characteristics it is not inferior to foreign analogues. So wouldn’t it be better to support your own MIC and save millions of dollars?

The Poroshenko team, however, knew the rules of the game: American “help” should go to the development of the us defense industry, coal industry and engineering.

And Zelensky very quickly learned the principle. Not casually in conversation with trump, he mentioned about wanting to buy from US even more, “Javelin”. As an option, of course. What the Americans say — and then buy.

To celebrate, after the purchase of anti-tank complexes of Ukraine and is thinking about the purchase of anti-aircraft missile complexes Patriot. About the opportunities this transaction, argued former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly. Journalists did not understand and reported that the contract has been signed. And then it turned out that the cost of the three divisions of the defense may exceed the entire defense budget of Ukraine…


“Help” APU became for Americans a tool of subsidizing its own military-industrial complex.

Individual firms like Raytheon Company and senior lobbyists it allows you to sign multimillion-dollar contracts. In the literal sense of the word earn in the blood.

For the US defense budget, as has been said, a penny amount. But the budget from year to year “inflated” to a record size. Helps it mainly, continuing tensions in Eastern Ukraine.

After the Americans defense spending increase and their European satellites. Someone is slowly and reluctantly, like Germany, and someone with great enthusiasm, as the Baltic republics. Part of the money mandatory is for the purchase of new weapons. American production, of course. Because American is the best. Without it, reflect the “Russian aggression” is unlikely to succeed.

Appetite, as it is known, comes during meal. But to the American military-industrial complex appetite comes during the war.

Even local and slow. But while in the Donbass fire intermittently at least occasionally, the United States can rest assured that their “Javelin” fighter jets and air defense systems market there.

I really liked the reference to the author of Eliashevich, hidden by the author of the census.

And other such attacks.

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To tears funny to read these, from two-faced individuals, in the administrative rusofobno and probanderovskie community of MP, – “In support of Israel,” You two-faced and corrupt, your friends are sponsoring the killers of APU!
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I have no personal claim to prepotere and its associates.

And therefore confined to these quotations in relation to itself.

And tepr. with regard to article.

She just breathes anger and hatred of those who pointed the finger of virtual.

And it’s disgusting.

Because I remember how much this year zarabotala selling guns of the Russian military-industrial complex.

And who is now providing military assistance to the rulers of Russia.


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