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Discovered the relationship between diet and aging

Обнаружена взаимосвязь между диетой и старениемScientists told about the connection between biorhythms, diet and aging.

Wanting to extend life should stick to low-calorie diets in order to improve the functioning of the “biological clock”. Especially people in old age.

In his youth a man the metabolism is active. With age this process slows down, however, people can influence it. By eating low-calorie food a person longer stays young. Scientists have conducted experiments on mice. They divided the rodents into two groups, one was given food with a significant amount of calories, and another cut diet. In the end, the mouse, being on a diet, lived longer than their counterparts. For the duration of the existence of a influences the number of calories consumed.

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Experts believe that studies on mice with no problems and can be transferred to other species of animals. Man, too, by limiting the calories consumed in old age can prolong the period of his own stay on Earth.

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