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Did the appeal against the confiscation of the money of Yanukovych’s entourage

Поступила апелляция на конфискацию денег окружения Януковича Cypriot companies are going to sue Ukraine.

A number of Cypriot companies appealed the decision of the Kramatorsk city court of Donetsk region on the confiscation of $ 1.5 billion to the environment, Viktor Yanukovych.

The publication received a letter from the lawyers of Dmytro Shcherbyna and Maxim Kovalenko, who represent the interests of companies Akemi management ltd, Aldoza investments ltd, Erosaria ltd, Opalcore ltd, Foxtron networks ltd, Loricom holding group ltd, Wonderbliss ltd.

It States that investment companies that invest in bonds of domestic government loan of Ukraine and which are included in the list of legal persons who were specefically.

“Our clients believe, and we agree with them that the actions of all those involved in the adoption and execution of the sentence is the offense. Therefore, we have appealed to NABOO with the relevant allegations of criminal offences by officials of the Bank, which according to the official statement of Prosecutor General of Ukraine has already fulfilled the decision, which is not in the Unified registry of court decisions, and attorney who provided his performance, bowing to the conclusion of the agreement on “international criminal scheme,” Mr Kashkin,” – said in the letter.

The companies argue that when considering the case and making a decision was deliberately made several significant violations of the law. In particular, the trial was held in secret, without calling foreign investors to the property which was used specefically, although according to the legislation of third parties in respect of the property which used the special confiscation, have the same rights as the accused.

Recall that $ 1.5 billion of the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych seized in the framework of the sentence imposed on the associate of fugitive oligarch Sergei Kurchenko, Arcadia Cascino. Funds confiscated from the accounts of Oschadbank and PrivatBank. A considerable part of them is sovereign bonds.

The money, according to statements by Ukrainian officials, has already been transferred to the Treasury.

Arkadiy Kashkin, a former Director of the company “Gas of Ukraine-2020” Sergey Kurchenko.

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