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Developer of horror decided to place the game on torrent

Разработчик хоррора решил разместить свою игру на торрентеThe author went on a desperate step.

Often video game developers in every possible way to fight piracy. They use a modern system of protection, reference to the Internet and other methods. But there are studios that don’t have anything against those who want to play for free and think that the torrent trackers — this is quite normal. One of these studios is Acid Wizard Studio. Her staff uploaded the complete and latest version of its horror game Darkwood for well-known website with a pirate AT The Pirate Bay.

The developers have explained his action to the reluctance of the players to be spent on the game, not knowing it is like it or not. They hope that the players who Darkwood will still have to taste, later buy the licensed version on Steam, GOG or Humble Store. Also the creators of the game urge you not to buy keys from Resellers, as it harms the industry.

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Darkwood is a world-horror top-down. Day gamers to explore an open world, and at night they need to find shelter, to survive until dawn, hiding and defending himself from all sorts of monsters. The player is able to influence their actions, thus creating their own narrative story. Many have called Darkwood one of the worst games of our time.

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