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David Fincher and the sequel “world War Z”: the end is near

Various rumors and talks in the Smoking-room is all well and good, but there is nothing better official information. That the sequel to “world War Z” (World War Z) will shoot David Fincher, began to report quite a long time. In his person were interested and Studio bosses, and producers, and personally the star of the first film is brad pitt. And now, it looks like Fincher has never been closer to the Director’s chair “world War Z 2” (still a terrible name, isn’t it?). So much so that some sources reported this as a fait accompli. However, many then changed headlines on more blurred. Will not rush and we. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It became known that at the moment work out some details and Paramount Pictures could give an official nod in the next couple of weeks. In this case, the shooting will begin in early 2018. It is not the first joint project of Fincher and pitt: we all remember the gorgeous “Seven” and “Fight club.” And “the curious case of Benjamin Button” made. In General, this Duo guarantees a certain quality. Will it have a zombie movie and that it will be? Pretty interesting. The first film, despite the impressive scale of the attack scene dead, is still outstanding you will not name. In fact, no pair of the three above-mentioned episodes, he would not have remembered properly. However, with a budget of sickly 200 million dollars at the box office the film grossed over half a billion, so there like it or not, but the continuation suggests itself.

Recall that the conditional “World War Z” is an adaptation of the novel by max Brooks, which we have published under more than adequate (compared to film) called “World war Z”. Conditionally – because the book is actually not the Central character. It notes from different corners of the world, chronicling the zombie Apocalypse through the eyes of many people of different professions and nationalities. So brick by brick the reader was the overall picture of the monstrous cataclysm. And it was great. Although, admittedly, for the feature film this format and really not well suited. What will happen in the second part? We can only guess. You may use it the material that was cut from the original film and we still see Konstantin Khabensky. What the hell?..

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