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“Dark signal” in the hands of a maniac

The project is a “Dark” signal (Dark Signal), we are watching in 2016 and, in General, not without some curiosity. Because, firstly, made in the UK – and there know how to make good horror. And secondly, the producer acts as Neil Marshall, the Director, the trust for which “Descent” and “Dog soldiers” is still not exhausted.

Fans of tin, torture and killers should also seem to pay attention to this movie, at least a fresh excerpt from the film – not that insanely bloody, but, so to say, “uncomfortable”. Crazy in mask and his terrified victim… or even a hammer, Yes.

About the plot:

In the Welsh valleys every rustle is heard for miles around. Mother-of Odinga Kate was in the middle of this wasteland after a night robbery went as planned, she and her boyfriend. Now Kate got lost in the woods, but here she’s not alone. Together with her vengeful spirit of the murdered girl…

The Director acts as ed Evers-Swindell, he also wrote the script for a couple with Anthony Jones. Starring Siwan Morris, Gareth David-Lloyd, James Cosmo and Duncan POU. In limited release the movie will be released on June 2, and since the number 6 will appear on VOD services and iTunes.

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