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Daniel Dae Kim is preparing to shoot in the new “Hellboy” (VIDEO)

In the middle of the month, we wrote about possible shifts in caste reloaded “Hellboy” from Neil Marshall. Ed Skrein left the project because of the racial scandal, but he was predicted Daniel Dae Kim, star of TV series “lost” and “Hawaii 5.0”. Later the actor himself confirmed that has officially joined the team of Hellboy and will play a major Ben Daimio guy with a terrible scar on the face and the ability to turn into a Jaguar.

Since then, we are able to evaluate David harbour (“Very strange things”) in the image of Hellboy and the hell this dude is impressive. It is time to look to the major Daimyo. The more that Daniel Dae Kim just posted on Instagram a short video with a workout. It looks pretty funny, something like children to play with fake weapons and their own voice acting shots. But on the screen it will be much more serious. By the way, the actor is not simply throwing conditional enemies, as happens in most films, and generously writes them test shots in the head. Do not forget about the rating R.

Publication of Daniel Dae Kim (@danieldaekim) Sep 27 2017 6:43 PDT

About the plot of the new film to date little is known:

Hellboy will have to face with an ancient witch known as Bloody Queen, which is going to destroy humanity.

The evil sorceress will play Milla Jovovich, also in the cast are involved Ian McShane (“American gods”), Alex lane (“American honey”) and Penelope Mitchell (“the vampire Diaries”). In General, will soon begin a tour.

The release pattern will have to wait: the premiere is scheduled for January 11, 2019.

Finally catch another photo from Instagram Dae Kim. Former major Daimyo (ed Skrein) meets the future. As they say, find ten differences.

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