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Creepy short film based on the comic book by the Russian artist!

Quietly crept up to us on Friday, October 13, and there already and Halloween is not far off. It is time to give you another crypo-film, and today we have a great instance – a film by canadian Mangini Santiago, which is called “Uninvited guests” (Intruders). Look, you will not regret it!

Filmed the painting was in 2014, and, interestingly, the basis of her lay two short comics, one of which was composed and painted by American artist , al Columbia, and the second person, acting under the pseudonym of UNO Morales (Moralez Uno). In fact, Morales is our compatriot, whose real name is, as we found out – Stas Orlov. The identity of the eagles-Morales not very public, but the Internet is quite famous. And outside of the World wide Web at Morales there are also art exhibitions, and even, like, movie experience.

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By the way, for the tip on this korotkometrazhku we say a tremendous THANK you to our good friend Vladislav Severtsev – Russian producer, who, if you remember, is ready to allocate up to one million rubles for the creation of a good and terrible shorts. One such “Spoiler” Studio “10/09” have already released, but we all want more, and better. “Uninvited guests” Megnini in this sense, another example of what Severtsev wanted to do in this genre.

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Well, Friday the 13th, friends! Watch a short film and don’t forget to share your impressions in the comments:

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