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Coincidence or plagiarism? Midnight people bred!

Midnight in Moscow, so why not talk about the mysterious creature known as the Midnight Man? Especially since he linked a mystery. Imagine the situation: in one year out of two horror movie with exactly the same names, with similar stories and with iconic genre actors in the lead roles! Hard to believe that this may be a coincidence, more like a rip-off… well, or really in the case involved the supernatural. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

So, get acquainted. “Midnight man” (The Midnight Man) – film Travis Zarowny screenplay by Travis Zarowny and Rob Kennedy. One of the roles played by the beloved Robert Englund. In June the company “the Exhibitor” is planning to release this movie in Russian cinemas and the synopsis of the film reads:

Alex is a typical teenage girl, who lives with his ailing grandmother Anna. In the analysis of the attic, Alex finds a game that can Wake up the “Midnight man” — an evil creature that will make you come true the worst nightmare.

And here is another “Midnight man”, directed by Heitor, Uribarri. The main role IN THIS film played by Ken Fori, the actor from the classic “dawn of the dead” by George Romero, who played then in many genre lines (“Outside”, “Dentist”, “the Lords of Salem”, “Rejected devil”). Fori plays a major role and is one of the producers of the film, which, unlike his full namesake, still no release date yet, but we’ve got the first poster and trailer.

In an attempt to save a failing marriage, a husband and wife rented a house in a secluded place. Kyle has issues – he lost and now owes money to the wrong people. For fun, Jessica offers to play a game that they had fun as a child: to call the evil entity known as the “Midnight Man.” And now they are followed by a mysterious figure from the woods… And the fun begins when a Kyle to knock him out of debt, comes another villain.

Here and guess now how it happened that two such similar project appeared at the hearing at the same time.

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