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China’s mass boycott Apple products

Apple has faced in China, one of the major it markets, with a truly massive boycott. The inhabitants of the country simply refuse to buy it equipment and even agitate others to throw away their IPhones and to support domestic producers. It would seem, and here Huawei?

And despite the fact that Google yesterday broke all contracts with Huawei, and now she won’t get Android and access to Google services. In fact, the company thus sought to destroy, and all because of trump and his trade war with China. In response to tougher action against Huawei, the Chinese rebelled against the Apple company is American, so therefore they are taking revenge for Huawei cronies Donald.

The refusal of Google to cooperate with Huawei can turn to the last disaster, but that is already a certain escape route. But Apple has not – if sales in China will collapse, it can expect a big financial trouble. And the moral of this story is simple: as soon as possible, copy all your data from all of the services of foreign companies until it is too late. And don’t forget to buy a normal phone without Android and iOS.

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