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The Americans decided to boycott Chinese goods

The attitude of the population of the United States to China has deteriorated sharply against the background of the pandemic coronavirus, in which the administration of Donald trump accuses the Chinese government chose a policy of silence in the early stages of the outbreak. About 40% of Americans intend to …

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China’s mass boycott Apple products

Apple has faced in China, one of the major it markets, with a truly massive boycott. The inhabitants of the country simply refuse to buy it equipment and even agitate others to throw away their IPhones and to support domestic producers. It would seem, and here Huawei? And despite the …

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The boycott was a success — and from war

The ring of sanctions around Iran is collapsing and oil prices, contrary to forecasts, has not risen. Increasing only the probability of the largest in the twenty-first century fighting. There are reports that a second round of anti-Iranian oil embargo, which began in early may (the first round was launched …

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Russia will not boycott the Olympics-2018

Russia, despite the hard decision of the International Olympic Committee will send its athletes to the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The IOC on Tuesday officially announced the suspension of Russia from participation in the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang, and the membership of the Russian Olympic Committee to the IOC …

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