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Cardboard monsters in movie trailer “Dave made a maze”

If you have ever read the story of Joe hill’s “Voluntary imprisonment”, then you will understand why the first thing it comes to mind after watching the trailer. Looks like there is another person who is nostalgic about his childhood and self-made cardboard fortresses, and the man – bill Watterson, actor television series, who shot his film debut “Dave made a maze” (Dave made a maze) on the script of Stephen Sears. However, unlike Joe hill, heroes have Watterson and Sears where you grow up, the maze looks like they have a serious problem and delivers no less.

The film has already passed the stage of post production and from January-the month rolls on film festivals, receiving rave reviews from audience that can not but rejoice – it seems, in the regiment of crazy, but cute horror-Comedy has arrived. Fingers crossed for everything to run smoothly, and the picture successfully made it to the big screens.

And Yes, there will be rivers of blood cardboard!

“Dave made a maze” reinvents the classic adventure films of the 80’s, only with modern Comedy slant and over-the-top counter telephone Dave the artist, had done nothing significant in his life. Yielding to the sense of internal frustration, he builds a huge cardboard fortress in my room to be trapped in the maze of fantastic pits, traps and monsters of their imagination. Girl Dave, ignoring all warnings, together with friends goes on his quest into the labyrinth. Homemade fantasy world comes alive, and despite the cardboard animation, traps and monsters here are real.

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