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Buying up buckwheat and toilet paper the Voronezh residents rushed to the banks

Скупавшие гречку и туалетную бумагу воронежцы ринулись в банки

During the day, all of the premises have moved into the street.

Coronavirus continues to radically change the life of Voronezh. If at first the townspeople fled EN masse to the pharmacy for masks and antiseptics, then to the grocery stores for buckwheat and toilet paper, now in banks.

And if March 31st was pandemonium in the offices, April 1 – around them. To Sberbank on the street Koltsov – a few dozen people. Of course, introduced by the decree of the Governor the duty on a distance of 1.5 m to almost no one observes. But a lot of people in masks.

As told by the mountaineers themselves, most of them went to the Bank to withdraw money – someone with a card who from passbooks and deposits.

But for day people, as it turned out, was no more: the day before were all just waiting inside:

As of 1 April clients in the office allowed as the release of employees, so in the areas almost empty.

Later in the savings Bank said that on April 1 are only 9 offices.

– During the week output deadlines of Deposit transactions (opening/closing deposits, interest, withdrawals and deposits) to Sberbank Online and offices will occur in standard mode. Write-off of loan payments will be carried out in accordance with the established in the contract date. However, Sberbank encourages customers to use remote services of the Bank, to refrain from visiting offices and to comply with the recommendations of the Federal service and municipal government agencies, – said the press service.

Although citizens generally have to be at home – throughout the region from March 31 on a regime of universal isolation. Residents are not allowed to leave the house without a good reason. When allowed out, we wrote here.

Reasons Voronezh went to the Bank, there may be several. A week ago, the Central Bank recommended banks to limit the functions of issuing and receiving of banknotes in the ATMs to prevent the spread COVID-19. The reason is simple – the design of the ATMs provides the closed cycle of circulation of cash in them: the reception of banknotes from the same client and the issuance of these banknotes of another without processing in the Bank.

Some may have gone to the banks in connection with information about the introduction of a new tax on interest income on deposits in the amount of one million rubles.

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