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Box office USA (16 – 17 June 2017): the Unexpected success of the “Blue abyss”

The leaders of the us rolling out the cartoon “Cars 3”that managed to push the first line of the comic “Wonder woman”. But to us it is not interesting, and not even how bad things are at “the Mummy”and not that “Alien: Testament” fell on the 17-th line of the top, and “It comes at night” on the tenth.

Quite unexpectedly shark horror film “deep Blue” were in the top five. Suddenly, because, first, this is a film without stars. Secondly, his Prime Minister was not accompanied by a large advertising campaign – you can allocate in this sense, only the emergence of some pretty creative booths in some theaters. Thirdly, the movie had problems.

Johannes Roberts took his picture back in 2016, but the company of the brothers Weinstein Dimension Films initially did not believe in success, so the film has not been able to get in the car and managed to change the name from “In the Deep” to “47 Meters Down” (and how many times to change the option names are in Russian… we already resented).

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In the end, to American cinemas, the film has got, but almost simultaneously it was decided to release on VOD services and DVD, and before the copy was leaked, so the pirates he long ago was.

And with all this “the Blue abyss”, being “independent” horror, sensationally gathered at the start of the American rental eleven and a half million dollars. The budget picture is not exactly known, but is unlikely to exceed 5 million, and then the film is already profitable, while there is still a few weeks rental – and not only in the United States.

The success of the “Blue abyss” many people tend to associate with last year’s success of another movie about sharks – “Shallow”. Well, it looks like a new generation of viewers who don’t remember or are unable for whatever reason to appreciate “Jaws” or “Deep blue sea”… Well, or just the people missed years of films about sharks-cannibals.

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Data for the previous week-end, see here.

No. The film Fees ($million) Just Week Copies Budget
1 Cars 3 53,54 53,54 1 4165 ??
2 Wonder woman From 40.77 274,60 3 4018 149
3 2Pac: Legend 27,05 27,05 1 3529 40
4 Mummy 13,91 56,52 2 4034 125
5 Blue abyss 11,50 11,50 1 2270 ??
6 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales Of 8.45 150,06 4 2759 230
7 Very bad girls 8,04 8,04 1 3162 20
8 Captain Underpants 7,35 57,96 3 2476 38
9 Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2 4,98 374,85 7 1813 200
10 It comes in the night 2,61 11,13 2 2450 5
17 … Alien: Covenant 0,47 72,66 5 400 97

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