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Biologists have discovered a unique Medusa

Биологи обнаружили уникальную медузуThe secret of immortality have long been concerned about the minds of mankind.

And again, this mystery has troubled scientists from Japan. The reason for that was detecting in the ocean by scientists from Japan immortal animal. It was the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula. The secret of the immortality of the Medusa is that her body is transdifferentiate.

The essence of this process is the transformation of one type of cell to another. Thanks to him, the jellyfish can move from Mature to immature life. Such updates can happen countless times. Turritopsis nutricula is almost the only creature on earth that can return to the initial stage of its life.

Because of the process of transdifferentiation population of this species of jellyfish is growing rapidly. This is natural, because the above-mentioned process Turritopsis nutricula are immortal. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Will the scientists this discovery is still unknown. Experts try to unravel the phenomenon of the animal, to find the key to eternal existence of mankind.

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