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Belarusian blackmail: why Lukashenka the dialogue with Lithuania?

Белорусский шантаж: зачем Лукашенко диалог с Литвой?

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea declares his intention to fix relations with Belarus and is ready even to invite Alexander Lukashenko to Vilnius. The reason for the Belarusian leader is not the best – the reburial of the remains anticarsia and the rebels of Kastus Kalinouski in November in the Lithuanian capital. Go Lukashenka to Vilnius, and what’s the Ostrovets NPP and Latvian ports?


Despite the declared willingness to be friends with the official Minsk, the President of Lithuania Gitanas Nausea about the fix a relationship says very carefully:


“My efforts will aim to gradually, in spite of all the controversy surrounding the Ostrovets nuclear power plant, establish normal human contact. After all, it is abnormal to live together, to dig trenches and to pretend that there is no neighbor. Of course, everything will depend on the willingness of cooperation by Belarus itself. There can be different reason – the first will be the reburial of our leaders of the uprising in 1863-1864”.

Later the Lithuanian leader said that the ceremony will definitely be invited by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, you may call and Vladimir Zelensky, but with the addressee of the invitation in our country are still undecided. It is not surprising – despite the long thaw between Minsk and Europe, in Vilnius many remember the story of cooperation with the Belarus leader.

Comments Zygimantas the regards, a member of the foreign Affairs Committee of the Seimas of Lithuania, a former Ambassador to the United States and Mexico:

“He always cheated, and I think it would be a big mistake if we began this journey with a meeting with Lukashenko, not seeing any signs that he is ready to go the European way”.

At the beginning of his presidential term and predecessor Gitanas Nausea, Dalia Grybauskaite, had full intentions to finally make friends with the neighbor to the South. But then there was a crackdown on peaceful protests in 2010 and the completion of the building of the Ostrovets nuclear power plant – the most annoying moment in the bilateral relations of Vilnius. But other Lithuanian politicians are calling to be pragmatic.

Laurynas Kasciunas, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on national security and defence of the Seimas of Lithuania, says:

“We see trends in the European Union and the USA against Belarus. Of course, you have to get into these trends, so a limited conversation- he probably is in the plans. Manage the dialogue or not… you Know, there lacks any quite skeptical of opinions”.

It is not only in old grievances. Ostrovetskaya NPP, the Lithuanian Seimas declared threat to national security. Vilnius will not buy the electricity generated at this station and it’s ruining not only a relationship on the line Belarus-Lithuania, but also between Brussels and Minsk. And it seems that this dispute is tired of it all.

Says Alexander Klaskouski, head of analytical projects BelaPAN company:

“Apparently still a complete blockade of electricity from Belarus will not work. Already the Latvians say that can buy, and Estonians are thinking… Plus, as far as I know, Brussels is not very happy with this radical position of Lithuania, which torpedoes the signing of an agreement on the priorities of the partnership between Belarus and the European Union”.

In late August, the Riga stated that it is willing to buy electricity from the NPP. After a disturbance in the Vilnius statement was corrected, and now Latvia talks about the possibility to buy electricity from “third countries via Russia.”

A month earlier, the Ambassador of our country in Latvia Vasily Markovich said the desire of Minsk to redirect cargoes from Klaipeda to Riga and Ventspils.

“Belarus and Russia like to play with the Baltic countries. It’s bad enough that Latvia gives in to these games and what they de facto are ready is, of course, does not improve the security of the entire region,” – said Laurynas Kasciunas.

Belarusian cargo is approximately one third of transit traffic in the port of Klaipeda. Last year the volume of trade between Belarus and Lithuania, according to the publication “Baranok” amounted to 700 million dollars, of which 82% is transportation services. These figures from year to year only grow, and in Vilnius are outraged by the threats redirection of cargo flows.

Zygimantas The Regards:

“It’s blackmail of the Belarusian regime, as far as I know, the Kremlin regime wants to take away all these goods from the Baltic ports, and I think our Baltic brothers don’t swallow this… the hook.”

Could it be that as a result, Lithuania will wave his hand on the almost finished plant, the first reactor will work before the end of the year and save for export Ostrovetskaya NPP? Six months ago, the answer to this question would be unequivocally negative. But whether Alexander Lukashenko at the celebration in honor of the rebels of Kastus Kalinouski in Vilnius – the answer is known.

“Not recently, he flew to Warsaw on the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second world war. Well, to Putin was not invited. In Vilnius Putin supposedly do with it, but with it! Kalinowski is such a figure, which irritates Russia.”

Alexander Lukashenko was invited to the Eastern partnership summit did not go. For almost a year waiting for him in Riga – in fact, to discuss the prospects of Latvian ports. Our specialists are sure that in November the official leader in Vilnius will not be – even if its and invite.

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