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Useful Idiot or Trojan Horse? Belarusian opposition figure Tikhanovskaya’s links to NATO’s Atlantic Council adjunct raise eyebrows

From the moment she announced her candidacy for the Belarusian presidency after her husband Sergey was spuriously jailed for electioneering activities that would be considered normal in the rest of Europe, Tikhanovskaya has been a darling of the Western media. With her improbable ascension from stay-at-home mother to leading opposition …

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In Kiev, the police detained the activist of the Belarusian Embassy

Activists gathered in the capital near the Belarusian Embassy. Skirmishes with the police, one activist was detained. Under the Belarusian Embassy in Kiev was rigid detention of the activist. It is reported by Telegram-channel PavlovskyNEWS. “According to the police, he wanted to toss the egg into the building. A little …

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Belarusian LUKOIL introduces restrictions on the sale of fuel

The number of regional gas stations of “LUKOIL” imposed limits on the purchase of fuel. This was reported by the users TUT.BY and confirmed on some stations. Photo: Gleb Malofeyev At the petrol station № 21 of “LUKOIL” in Brest correspondent TUT.BY said a restriction on the purchase of diesel …

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Why in Belarus there on the shelves of Belarusian potatoes

In the country completed harvesting potatoes. Farmers expect more than 6 million tons of the crop, to complement domestic storage and part will go abroad. Export of potato from Belarus in the form of cheese exceeds import, which is not true about recycling. The shops are filled with foreign products …

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