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Became known, when will come the deadly heat

Стало известно, когда на Земле наступит смертельная жара By the end of the XXI century most of the population of the planet in danger

The scientists said that by 2100, 75% of people on Earth will face deadly heat.

Such conclusions were made as a result of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change, reports National Geographic. If the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are reduced, the scientists are predicting will come true.

The climate is changing so fast that people just do not have time to adapt to the new conditions of life. Because of this, three out of four people will be in mortal danger. The most difficult climatic conditions are in tropical areas of the Earth. The study was conducted on the basis of 1.9 thousand works on the statistics for deaths due to the heat, since 1980. Previously, researchers have shown the devastating effects of global warming.

Researchers from the Geological community of America showed a negative effect of global warming on the world, taking photos of its influence on the melting of glaciers.

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