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Became known details about the release of the PlayStation 5

Стали известны подробности о выходе PlayStation 5PlayStation 5: when will and what will be

PlayStation 4 for almost four years. Because players are increasingly asking, when the Quartet comes something more powerful.

Recent games E3 2018 clearly demonstrated that the gaming industry moves to the next level of quality. Many announced games would be not too tough old PlayStation 4. It recognizes and CEO of Sony John Coder. According to him, the life cycle of the PS4 comes to an end. And even the improved version of the PS4 console Pro can not compete in a gaming PC.

Of course, the Quartet are still buying. For the first quarter of 2018, Sony has sold about 76 million PS4. But this impressive figure pales in comparison with the sales at the peak of popularity of the console. In General, the era of the PS4 ends. And here’s what we know about the impending PS5.

When and how much

Judging by the latest trends, the PlayStation 5 will have to support next-generation games – the ones that were announced at E3 2018. The only question is how soon the console will appear on the market. Rumor has it that Sony management now conducts market research and determined the optimal release date.

Recently edition Wccftech has published a report that said that AMD is working on a new graphic accelerators Navi GPU specifically for the PlayStation 5. Expected release date Navi GPU – 2020. However, the console itself may appear a little later in 2021. Anyway, according to John Coder, PlayStation 5 definitely will appear over the next three years.

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However, there’s a chance that the long wait is not necessary. So, recently it became known that the online service PlayStation Plus March 2019 will cease to support the game for PS3 and PSVita, and instead focus on titles for the PS4. There is a chance that the lack of support for PS3 is linked to the plans for the launch of the PS5. If so, to release a new console less than a year.

PS4 console and PS4 Pro at the time of launch was estimated at $399. Probably with a start and PlayStation 5.

Sony was the first manufacturer, his modern virtualnoy reality on the console. For comparison, Microsoft recently admitted that it plans to add support for virtual reality on Xbox.

The emergence of virtual reality helmet for the PlayStation VR powerfully spurred sales of the PS4. However, it should be recognized that the Quartet barely cope with demanding technology. The resolution in the PlayStation VR helmet significantly lower than in the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Updated console PS4 Pro improved stability of virtual reality, but the resolution is still the same low.

But even despite the problems, the PlayStation VR helmet became so popular that Sony will try to repeat its success with the PlayStation 5. Experts believe that with the launch of the new console we will see an updated version of the helmet, VR PlayStation 2. Most likely, the helmet will get the 4K resolution for each eye, and also acquire the technology of tracking the eyeballs.

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Most probably, PS5 will be backward-compatible, so users will be able to run new console games from the PS4. New games also don’t have to wait long.

One of the major announcements for E3 2018 was the trailer for the game Cyberpunk 2077 from the Polish company CD Projekt Red, gave the world the trilogy “the Witcher”. “Cyberpunk” promises to be a very beautiful and demanding game. And yet, according to rumors, Sony is already preparing the set for developers to port the game to PS5. It is very likely that Cyberpunk 2077 will be one of the first gaming titles, designed for PS5.

Iron and media

Experts believe that the PS5 is not too reduced compared to the PS4. After all, the Quartet, in fact, very similar to the PC. It has hard drives, straps RAM drive. Moreover, the PS4 has support for removable hard drives. And since games are becoming more “dimensional”, this feature will be very useful for PS5.

From drive developers, too, will not refuse, because a lot of console games still distributed on optical discs. This means that externally, or at least dimensions PS5 will not differ from its predecessor.

According to rumors, the PS5 will support 4K resolution with a frequency of at least 60 frames per second. Console operating system will be on SSD drive, the game will be set on a more traditional high performance HDDs.

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