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Avakov unexpectedly spoke about the case Guzhva

У Авакова неожиданно высказались о о деле Гужвы“You have to be an idiot to intend to compromise any of the party Lyashko,” said the adviser to the interior Minister.

Journalist and adviser to the interior Minister Stanislav Rechinsky said the situation with the so-called “dirt on people from the party Lyashko”, which said the MP Dmitry Linko, who accused the editor of “Country” in the extortion.

Rechinsky expressed my opinion in Facebook.

“All this troubled history with Guzhva particularly amused with the intention to throw away or hide the dirt on some lyashkovets. The dirt on lyashkovets is a classic oxymoron, “hot snow” and so on. “What is dead may never die”. You can’t compromise the bottom. Have to be an idiot to intend to compromise any of the party.

Lyashko as the political project created Levochkin, and with a fair amount of cynicism. In order to prove that Ukraine, sorry, the last p***s in the worst sense of the word can be a parliamentarian. That man is really an ass who has earned himself the status of a politician is no worse than the majority inhabitants Happy that this status is earned in the majority, are not less shameful ways.

I was always surprised people, especially who served, who did not scruple in this circle of greedy to enter. But … the circumstances are different, apparently, needed integrity at any cost. The situation … Or Guzhva is an idiot who decided that “f***ing” or other incriminating evidence can initially act on g***s party. Or is it stupid resolved,” – wrote Rechinsky.

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