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Authorities received a boomerang that they cultivated in people

Власти получили бумерангом то, что они сами культивировали в людях

Painful and annoying that the Russian government is in such a difficult time not taking timely decisions that are critically important. Is not it clear that, unfortunately, a large number of people will take a decision on the week as unexpectedly fallen vacation? And so it happened. And no matter how much admonished on television and the authorities, and favorite artists, and other distinguished people, many of them words never came.

“And th is I the house should sit?” is this the answer one of the ladies whose TV reporter asked why they went for a walk, I remember most.

In fact, the authorities have this attitude of many people to their pleas to stay home got a boomerang that in recent years they themselves have cultivated in people. It is obvious that one of the principles for managing the people from the government in recent decades was, how would it mildly, decline in the intellectual level of the people. One of the clearest evidence of this: the never-ending talk shows on TV with digging in “dirty linen,” with countless DNA tests, etc. a Ball, a ball, a ball… What sort of current Affairs program that encourages people to think? Sure, you’ll think and tell you how to vote. And lived, convenient and a win-win for the authorities.

And here the authorities in connection with the coronavirus encouraged to take responsibility, to think and stay home these days. The result: many got an attitude in the style of “che…?”.

Isolation for all in Moscow and Moscow region — this, of course, better than just days off. But it’s still yet not rigid quarantine with a serious responsibility for the violation, with the actual closing of the city.

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