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At the bottom of the Bermuda triangle have found a mysterious pyramid

На дне Бермудского треугольника нашли загадочную пирамидуFound a huge pyramid of crystal.

Scientists agree that at the very bottom of the Bermuda triangle there is a crystal pyramid of great size. This discovery could be a real sensation, because this happens extremely rarely.

At the same time, scientists themselves are limited to only a statement, any photos of the evidence were not given.

Exploring the phenomenon of the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda triangle, the specialists have twice dipped into the water in this area. After the last time they said that at the bottom of the pyramid is made of solid crystal blue.

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Moreover, it does not pass through the water and represents the unique beauty of the subject. Now the entire scientific community interested in whether this finding occurred or are scientists just decided to distribute duck, in order to attract attention.

While it is unknown whether again to take scientists, in order to get evidence for the existence of the pyramid.

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