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Astronomers “weigh” a planet similar to our own

Астрономы "взвесили" планету, схожую с нашейThe discovery of a probable Earth-like planets around Proxima Centauri was the beginning of the study the nearest star to Earth besides the Sun.

Astronomers had a rare opportunity to determine its mass and to study more Earth-like planet.

In the document accepted for monthly notices of the Royal astronomical society, the researchers report that the mass of Proxima 0.15 times the mass of the Sun with an error of less than 40 percent. Previous estimates were 0.12 mass of the Sun.

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This little star is so vague that even telescopes can’t see it, despite its close proximity, not least that Proxima was long ignored. Everything changed when small variations in its location warned astronomers on the possible presence of a planet.

This year from Proxima erupted a huge stellar flare, blasting any nearby planet with so much radiation that the prospects for life appear grim. However, even if the planet around Proxima can not support life, they are still one of the best to explore outside our Solar system.

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Scientists even model crew size needed for a mission Proxima b.

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