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Astronomers: Hoisted on the moon flags USA white steel

Астрономы: Водружённые на Луне флаги США стали белымиA total of six crews of astronauts were on the surface of the satellite of the Earth and set her flags.

Astronomers decided to check the fate of the American flags that astronauts put on the moon.

It turned out that all five banners in the US during this time discolored.

The American astronauts has been a tradition every visit to the moon to plant on the surface of its flag state. The first set flag burned immediately after their departure. It was installed too close to the rocket, so the launch of the spacecraft was badly damaged by exhaust from the nozzle. The astronauts took that into consideration, and during the subsequent five landings on the surface of the satellite they put flags away from the rocket.

Recently astronomers wanted to check, are there still on the moon, American flags. They were able to detect, that’s just all of the color has worn off. From the hard outer radiation flags completely discolored.

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