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Astronomers have discovered a “space Burger”. Video

Астрономы обнаружили «космический гамбургер». ВидеоScientists found in the constellation of Orion is similar to Burger star.

Taiwanese scientists from the Institute of astronomy and astrophysics have discovered a huge “hamburger” of gas and dust in the constellation Orion.

About this study more writing on the pages of Science Advances.

Experts managed to find a newborn star, whose age is about 40 thousand years, and to remove a “hamburger” of gas and dust. The head of the research team, Cinfa Lee said he was glad that his team managed to study the structure of the young disk accretion.

Relevant searches scientists engaged in for several decades, since this kind of “hamburger” accumulate new luminaries and planets.

Within these “burgers” dust and gas becomes a flat “pancake” in the center of which formed a star, and on the borders of the planet. Until now, scientists had not been known as born details disk accretion.

According to experts, all the stars and planets are born in gas-dust nebulae, which are filled with neutral hydrogen, dust helium. The gas in these nebulae are distributed unevenly, with the result that after a while it begins to develop into dense formations – some “embryos” of the stars.

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