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Arrogance is not the best platform for policy

Спесь не лучшая платформа для политики

Ukraine — the main advantage for the domestic power and propaganda. If it was not, it would be worth to figure out how a universal bogey.

In response to almost all complaints can be answered — and in Ukraine is even worse. And satisfy a significant part of the population that at least someone things even sadder.

The ruble fell two times — in Ukraine is worse.

Degraded medicine in Ukraine is even worse.

Curtailed social programs in Ukraine is even worse.

Meager pensions and pension reform in Ukraine is even worse.

The failure of the economy and corruption in Ukraine is even worse.

Russia is one of the poorest countries in Europe, but Ukraine is still poorer and not be so insulting.

Degradation of freedom of speech, political rights and the lack of change of power — hmm, here Ukraine pumped up, but that’s why these topics we try not to touch.

The very fact that we to compete as underachievers losers in school, not looking for the best and the worst examples, exhaustively tells about the state of our minds. And about understanding the futility of achieving, at least, present-day Poland and the Czech Republic.

We are trying to laugh and scoff at the Ukrainian neighbors, because talking about themselves is too painful and sad.

To compete with the pace we are, perhaps, the level of ambition and military power. That’s why tanks without pants.

On the one hand fixed the lag, the other arrogance.

But arrogance is not the best platform for politics, the history of love for it severely punished.

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