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Around the Sun in the canadian sky had a strange ring

Вокруг Солнца в канадском небе появились странные кольца Photo was taken by a local resident.

Ufologist Scott Waring, who is known almost all over the world, again began to speak about a variety of mysterious phenomena, which the official science can not give a logical explanation.

On its website, the specialist posted a strange photo where you can see the image of three rings located over the Sun. The photo was taken in the region of the Great lakes, which are located in Canada. In social networks it could see last week, informs a portal breaking news.

Users were slightly confused when discussing a very strange optical event. Scott Waring also speculate on the subject. He said that it can’t be the Northern lights, because the Sun sets in the West. He suggested that the reason for the appearance of the rings could be too large amounts of energy, which is observed in the region of the Great lakes.

In addition, there is speculation that it could be a UFO, at this moment rose from the planet’s surface. Due to the fact that the alien ship requires a large amount of energy to control, he was forced to stay in this area until sunset to fly under cover of darkness.

In addition, the expert said that the true reason could be the existence of some secret alien bases at the bottom of the Great lakes.

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