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Apple promises to surprise the world with an unprecedented innovation in the iPhone 8

Apple обещает удивить мир невиданным новшеством в iPhone 8Edition of the Wall Street Journal has shed light on the unique feature of the iPhone 8, which will be presented this fall.

A source close to Apple said that the device will get a revolutionary infrared camera module to capture a three-dimensional space in front of him.

Thanks to new features in the future Apple will be able to combine information about a 3D space with two-dimensional pictures taken using the front camera, and will be able to use the data for facial recognition and iris. The capabilities of the sensors will be disclosed at 11 and future iOS mobile applications.

“The technology will work by sending a laser invisible to the eye infrared light rays and the IR receiver will capture the moment of recoiling from the object, creating its three-dimensional projection, writes The Wall Street Journal. – Technology will be used for face recognition or gesture control, for example, to delete messages with a simple swipe before the phone. The ability to create a map of the surrounding space will be useful in applications of augmented reality”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

New iPhone components 8 will be used to augment 2D photos taken with the front camera, the data on the back of the stage to implement new functionality such as facial recognition and iris scan of the eye.

Advanced 3D camera iPhone 8 will be applied to new interactive games and apps to recreate the exact three-dimensional avatar of the user. System of camera and 3D sensor can also be used to create a 3D selfie. The sensor will determine the location and calculate the distance to objects in the frame.

The basis of the infrared sensor with a high probability will form a vertically emitting laser company Lumentum. The software component of the system will be represented by algorithms of the Israeli company PrimeSense, which Apple bought in 2013, and whose developments are used in the controller of Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

The source said that Apple is years ahead of Android in terms of algorithms to create 3D images. It proprietary software displays the iPhone camera 8 to a qualitatively new level, making it the main feature of “Apple” smartphones in the years ahead.

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