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Apple iPhone 8 will actually be able to charge wirelessly

In the smartphone Apple iPhone 8 will really be the technology of wireless charging, which goes so many rumors, and which is not part of any already-released smartphone from Steve jobs. Nothing revolutionary but the ability to charge through the air in the eighth the other is not – it was decided to give preference to the already proven solution.

As it became known, the new smartphone Apple iPhone 8 will support the technology of Qi, which appeared many years ago, and which does not give sufficient power for faster charging, so to make up for the energy of Apple’s cellular phone by today’s standards quite slow. Promised only 7.5 watts of power, while technology Qi 1,2, presented recently, is twice as fast, producing as much as 15 watts.

To speculate on why so sad, may even need, and at the moment sees two reasons for this: perhaps Apple decided not to experiment and not risk the opportunity to make a second in the history of the explosive smartphone after Note 7 from Samsung. Or in the Apple iPhone 8 wireless charging technology will simply run to the next releases to get maximum power. The smartphone will be announced in mid-September of the current year.

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