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Announced Total War: Warhammer II

Анонсирована Total War: Warhammer IIRelease date Total War: Warhammer II yet vague — 2017-th year.

Creative Assembly really forges the iron is hot. Developers with the support of publisher SEGA has announced Total War: Warhammer II — the second part of the trilogy, which is compatible with the first.

In the sequel, players will enjoy the campaign of the “Great whirlwind”. Its action unfolds on a huge continents Lustria, Ulthuan have, Naggaroth and Southern Lands. The authors promise that the plot will become more and more intense, and the finale at all would be the most epic in the history of Total War.

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You take on the role of one of the eight legendary lords, who lead the four iconic races of the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. To stabilize or destroy the Great vortex, you will need to spend a number of magic rituals and to prevent other Nations to do the same. Each Lord will have its own unique starting point, and each race will offer a unique game style with a unique mechanics, story, military traditions, armies, monsters, creatures, schools of magic and legendary characters.

For owners of the first Total War: Warhammer in store separate gift. Shortly after the release of the sequel they will have access to a tremendous campaign, which involves the resources of both games. General map will unite the Old world, Naggaroth, Lustria, and Ulthuan have the Southern Lands, and players will be able to fight any race from the first or second part.

Release date Total War: Warhammer II yet vague — 2017-th year.

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