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Announced Gothic horror Black Mirror with new gen graphics

Анонсирован готический хоррор Black Mirror с графикой нового поколенияTHQ Nordic announced a psychological horror called Black Mirror in the Gothic style.

In late July, Nordic THQ has announced that he is preparing a couple of new announcements, but what is not said. As it turned out, one of the mysterious project was the restart of the series of gloomy quest Black Mirror.

A new game in the franchise is called Black Mirror. The adventure deals with KING Art Games, the Creator of The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Dwarves and The Raven. The story is set in Scotland in 1926 year. David Gordon’s father dies. The main character for the first time, decides to visit the estate of his family. Soon David begins to chase the terrible secrets that many other Gordons were crazy.

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THQ Nordic says that the new Black Mirror will easily understood by those who are not familiar with the series. For this, they say, and need a restart. From the ancestors of the new Black Mirror is not only a modern graphics, and fresh gameplay mechanics — interaction with the visions. But the original atmosphere of madness and the psychological discomfort will remain the main core of Black Mirror.

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In addition, the publisher promises that the mood of what is happening will be captured in the notes of Edgar Allan PoE (Edgar Allan Poe) and Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Howard Phillips Lovecraft), and skilled actors will give high quality sound.

Black Mirror will be released on 28 November 2017 on the PC (Windows, Mac and Linux), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At gamescom THQ Nordic 2017 will bring demo.

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