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Amateurs in politics

Дилетанты в политике

Lawsuits against the protesters from Roscosmos, the struggle for “de-politicization” of universities, the withdrawal from the presidential election campaign in the post for himself, the overlap areas in prettier cities, it looks like the signal man in the street: politics in the country, engaged in prohibited.

Well, to be precise: a significant part of political activity are prohibitions. And their boundaries are blurred. Yesterday to cross the street in the wrong place, to shout a slogan, or write a post was almost legal, and today is undermining the foundations and foreign Agency. Maybe tomorrow again recognized as legitimate — but the rules are set after the action is taken, and not before.

And the rest like downloading pirated content or pornography — non-experts have little idea what is there legally, and in practice the punishable and that leads to the inevitable masks-shows and hit under law enforcement rink.

At first glance, all is reasonable. However, read the signal on the prohibition policy not only by the opposition (they are just about ready to Balk), and all. Including loyalists and swamp. So, it is necessary to abandon the previous plebiscite of ideas about the support of the authorities as a “collective will” and “our all” and clearer to position that politics is incomprehensible and dangerous matter like nuclear power plants, where any layman and a stranger only going to ruin it.

But the willingness to directly announce it is also not visible. And Chemezov not explain.

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