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Austrian ex-chancellor Kurz quits politics

Sebastian Kurz is currently serving as the chairman and parliamentary leader of the Austrian People’s Party. On October 9, he announced his decision to vacate the chancellor’s office amid an ongoing corruption investigation, marking the end of his second term in power, which started in January 2020 after the conservative …

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France refuses to be held ‘hostage’ to British politics

The remarks were delivered by Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin on Sunday, following a meeting with his Belgian, German and Dutch counterparts in the northern French city of Calais.  “Britain left Europe, but not the world. We need to work seriously on these questions… without being held hostage by domestic British …

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How blatant lying became par for the course in politics

French philosopher Joseph de Maistre said it first, but Thomas Jefferson and more recently Barack Obama agreed with the aphorism enough to repeat that “in a democracy people get the politicians they deserve.” Lord help us. Think climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, or immigration are problems? Well, look at the calibre of leader …

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