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“Addiction is a disease”: Lou Ferrigno begging him not to deprive her of parental rights


In April, the mother of 40-year-old Dana Borisova Ekaterina Ivanovna made a scandalous statement: the TV show “Let them talk”, the woman admitted that her daughter is suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. The show’s host Andrei Malakhov for many years is friends with Dana, so, after learning about her condition, he took steps. In the end, Borisov was sent to rehab in Thailand.


While Dana is treated from drug addiction, her ex-husband Maxim Aksenov wants to deprive her of the right to educate their nine-year-old daughter Pauline. 16 may on channel released a new episode of the program “Let them talk”. In the Studio was attended by the mother Borisova, who is very worried about the daughter and granddaughter.


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Dana contacted on Skype with the Studio show. “I am now in the process of rehabilitation. Yeah, I realized my problem, I recognized her. A very hard path. I just didn’t expect such a blow will be back. Always with the Maxim we have agreed. I’ve had a rough month. Andrew, I’m very grateful that you sent me. I hated my mom for what is happening now. But I finally recognized the problem. Believe me, there was a very large fracture. I had a breakdown in recent years, which caused the disease. But believe me, it is a disease. Yell at me: “a drug Addict” — but this disease, it can happen to anyone. I don’t want to say bad things about Maxim. I never pretended to be, I’ve always lived for my daughter, I will do everything for her. But I have to be healthy enough, strong, interesting, and I need time to return to this state,” — said Borisov.


The presenter also said that she’ll deal with her ex-husband: “I’ll call you and we will solve it all, most importantly, that I was healthy.” Unfortunately, relations with his mother at Borisova has not adjusted. According to This, it will never be able to forgive mother for what she got in this story her daughter Pauline.


“Pity, please, Pauline. My daughter goes to school, and the children, as you know, sometimes cruel. I will never tell your mom thanks for the fact that she was dragged into this story and in all of these programs Pauline. Never again with the mother will not communicate. Now I only think about my daughter,” concluded Borisov.

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