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Scientists have discovered why developing a nicotine addiction

Experts have documented characteristic changes in the cells of the brain, which, in fact, contribute to the development of dependence. So, the nicotine binds to receptors throughout the brain. The focus was interpeduncular cell nuclei and cells of the middle part of the leash epithalamus. Experiments with mice (forced to …

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Sugar equated addiction to cocaine

Sugar is addictive as cocaine Scientists of the Institute of the cardiovascular system in Kansas found that sugar is even more addictive than the opioid drugs, as evidenced by the results of the experiments conducted on rats. “The consumption of sugar produces an effect similar to the effect of cocaine …

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Experts have told how the alcohol addiction

Experts managed to answer the pressing question of our time. Recently, the Federal government of Germany has expressed skepticism regarding the benefits of raising excise taxes on alcoholic beverages. Such opinions are based on experience gained since the introduction in 2004 of the tax on alcohol. Previous experience has shown …

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Named the main danger of nicotine addiction

Scientists have named the main danger of Smoking. Finnish scientists have found that tobacco policy can significantly reduce the incidence of subarachnoid haemorrhage (the most lethal form of stroke). The results published in the journal Neurology. Doctors assessed the incidence of stroke over a period of 15 years (1998-2012). It …

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