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Activision would like to make a film on Overwatch

Activision хотела бы снять фильм по OverwatchNow Activision is also preparing the adaptation of the Call of Duty.

After a series of short films on Overwatch, the audience often asks Blizzard Entertainment to shoot a full movie. Only to decide the fate of the tape is not only Blizzard, but also close partners of Activision. Activision, however, and she is not against to drag Overwatch on the big screens.

The portal MCVUK interviewed Tim Kiplin (Tim Kiplin), senior Executive Director, management franchises in Activision Blizzard. Ciplin heads a special team that needs to turn games into big brands. The highest goal was to make the franchise, Activision Blizzard has started to make money in a variety of formats, including media and products based on.

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Therefore, writes MCVUK, Tim Kiplin — man, whose opinion will affect a potential movie on Overwatch. And Ciplin refers to this idea with interest, “Yes, we’d really like something like that.”

Other details of Ciplin not voiced. Only says that the film Overwatch would be not just hateful is the game, and a significant expansion of the audience of the franchise. If you add a strong bet on eSports, Overwatch may not be a unique phenomenon in popular culture — all thanks to an alloy very different formats.

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Ciplin adds that the adaptation should be handled carefully. If Activision does not see the correct script, and the film will not deal with. The company will not do ribbon illogically.

Recall that Activision is now also preparing the adaptation of the Call of Duty. The plans are so ambitious that Call of Duty are going to turn into kynoselen like Marvel.

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