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“451 degrees Fahrenheit” has found lead actors

Telefilm “451 degrees Fahrenheit”, which is an adaptation of the novel by ray Bradbury, is being developed by network HBO (who gave the world such masterpieces as “the Sopranos”, “Game of thrones” and “True detective”) for over a year. Classic dystopia is already reflected on the screen in 1966, and the new version is still at the early stage of development. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“451 degrees Fahrenheit” tells of a dystopian future in which humanity no longer needs the books, and the consciousness of society is controlled through the endless and mindless interactive TV. The protagonist is a “fireman” guy Montag, whose mission is to destroy copies of paper books. But the meeting with the girl Clarissa suddenly changes his Outlook and makes you wonder about what has become of the world around him, and can I try and save it.

Today it became known that HBO has adopted two well-known actors for the main roles in the upcoming film adaptation. Guy Montag will play Michael B. Jordan (“creed: Legacy rocky”), and the role of his boss, the captain, will perform Michael Shannon (“Under cover of night”). Such charismatic actors are already causing some interest in the production, the Director of which was appointed winner of the Venice film festival for the film “99 homes,” Ramin Bahrani. He’s going to take care of writing the script for the film.

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